Heavy Duty 5inch Waterproof Monitor & Waterproof Reversing Cameras Robust Waterproof Monitor Ideal for Farming & Mining Machinery, a Variety of Camera Angles to Choose From to Suit Your Application. (R-KMSW502)

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Touch screen control waterproof monitor and waterproof camera . 

Monitor Waterproof Rating  IP68

Waterproof IP69K High Quality Backup Camera

Camera Angles - 120°,90°,or 60°.   

Night Vision Distance

18pcs LEDs - Approx. 10m if there is no other light source.

Monitor Supports Three Cameras 

 Click on the "Add Extra Cameras" Tab to add more cameras to this kit. Extra cable length will be required and can be selected on the same page.

Monitor Viewing Configuration

The monitor can take up to three cameras

Mounting Bracket

The monitor comes with the U-Shaped Bracket

Other Mounting Bracket Options

A suction bracket or a fan bracket can be purchased as an optional extra by clicking on the "Add Monitor Bracket" Tab.

Suction or Fan Bracket Slides into Slot on the Rear or the Monitor.


Cameras Can Be Mounted on a Magnetic Base for Ease of Fixing and Movability

To purchased as an optional extra click on the "Add Camera Magnet" Tab.

Secure Waterproof Cable Connections

The connections on the reversing / rear-view camera cables push in and then screw up creating a secure connection. They come with rubber O-rings creating a waterproof join. The extension cable is airline aviation cable and has a 4-pin female end and a 4-pin male end. NAS cameras come with a 4-pin female ended connection and require the 4 pin male ended extension cable. NAS monitors have the 4-pin male ended connection and require the female ended extension cable.

Cameras have the 4 Pin Waterproof Female Plug GX12 Aviation Plug Connection


Kit Includes
• 1 x MWS53C High Quality 5inch TFT LCD Display Monitor 
• 1 x C14102 1/3" SHARP CCD 120° Camera Angle (Camera Angle Can be Chosen)
• 1 x 8m Cable
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• User Guide
• Monitor Supports Three Cameras, Additional Cameras can be Added in the Future

Monitor Dimensions

Monitor Harness



The trigger cables White, Blue, & Brown do not have to be connected, they only require connection if you want a camera to come on automatically for example when the vehicle is put in reverse. If the trigger wires are connected, then you will not be able to view the camera at all times whilst driving. If not connecting the trigger cables wrap individually in insulation tape.


Monitor has the 4pin GX12 Male Screw Plug Connection





Waterproof 5inch Monitor(MWS53C)
•  5"Digital TFT LCD Colour Monitor with Removable Sun Visor
•  Waterproof: IP68
• Auto adjustment of panel brightness
• Touch button for more convenient operation and longer durability
• Colour System: PAL/NTSC (AUTO)
• Automatic backlighting for buttons
• TFT LCD monitor with wide view angle and high resolution display
•Power supply 10-32V, with short circuit protection function
• Image adjustable Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing
• Supplies power to cameras
• Trigger priority: BA>LH>RH
• Built-in speaker
• 13-Pin: 3 cameras inputs.
• Remote control
• Dot pitch: 0.0529 (W) x 0.1587 (H)
• Resolution: 640 x 3 (RGB) x 480
• Contrast: 500:1
• Brightness: 200 cd/m²
• Viewing angle: U: 50 / D: 70, L/R: 70
• Operating temperature: -20~+70ºC, RH 90%
• Storage temperature: -30~+80ºC, RH 90%
• Power inputs: DC 10~32 V
• Power consumption: Max. 6 W
• Video inputs: 3 inputs (13pin)
• Audio inputs: 3 inputs (13pin)
• Trigger signal: 3 trigger wires (13 pin)
• Anti-vibration: ISO 16750-3 (5.9g)
• Weight Of Unit: 1.6 kg
• Dimension Of Unit: 186.66 (W) × 134 (H) × 161 (T)(mm)
• 2 year Warranty

Camera Dimensions

4pin Gx12 Screw Female Definition




4Pin Gx12 Cable Ends Dimensions


Sharp Waterproof & Anti-Fog Reversing Cameras reversing 
Camera Descriptions please click on the links below
C14102 120° Viewing Angle
C023.6 90° Viewing Angle
• C026.0 60° Viewing Angle
• Image Pick-up Device  1/3"  SHARP COLOUR CCD
• Horizontal Resolution 600 TV Lines 
• Number of Pixels PAL: 752(H)×582(V) 
• Colour System: PAL
• Illumination 0Lux (18pcs LEDs On for Night Vision)
• Shockproof 10G
• Brightness (cd/m2): 400  
• Waterproof IP69K
• Operation Temperature  -20℃~+50℃ RH95% Max
• Storage Temperature  -40℃~+80℃ RH95% Max
• Power Supply DC12V±10% 400mA
• Dimension 38(D) x 69(W) x 43(H)mm (without Mounting)
• Weight 300g
• Two Year Warranty

30° Angle Camera Description


The 30° angled camera has a long narrow angle and provides a view in the monitor like looking into a Rear-Vision Mirror. This camera will provide the most accurate view of the distance a vehicle is travelling behind you. However it is not the best camera to reverse into tight places in caravan parks as it is not a wide angled lens camera.  Some customers install two cameras on the back of their caravans, the 30° for travelling and the 120° for reversing.




Caravan Rear-View Camera "Perfect Rear View Just Like Looking in a Normal Mirror". 


"The new camera (12mm lens) gives a perfect rear view and is just like looking in a normal mirror. Unlike the 90 degree or even the 60 degree camera I can now see traffic approaching from a long distance behind the caravan without losing a reasonable angle of view when traffic is immediately behind the caravan.


I’ve attached an iPhone photo I took while I was stopped by roadworks. Although the quality isn’t great it gives you an idea of the natural perspective the new camera gives.


As far as I know, the first true rear-vision camera fitted to a caravan in Australia. All the others I would classify as primarily reversing cameras. Of course the 12mm lens (30 degree) camera is not suitable for reversing into tight spots but excels in its application on the open road. When I get some time I am going to mount my old 92 degree camera in a suitable spot under the back of the van with an automatic switchover when in reverse so I can have the best of both worlds".  


I am very happy to endorse the superb support and follow up I have received from NAS Security".

Howard Shephard Western Australia


P.S. If you are planning to offer the 12mm camera for sale it is important to emphasise that the camera is mounted onto a firm base to avoid camera shake on rough roads, which can be an issue with long focal length cameras.


 Customers rear-vision monitor view of a 30 degree camera



Forward Facing or Rear View Camera


Reversing Backup Camera


The length of cable attached to the camera is approx. 350mm in length


Camera Dimensions


Cameras Dimensions



4pin Gx12 Screw Female Definition







 4Pin Gx12 Cable Ends Dimensions



Sharp CCD 30° Cameras  (Model R-CS212B or R-CS212W)reversing safety
• Image - Rear-View, NAS Monitor Can Change Image to Forward Facing
• Image Pick-up Device  1/3"  SHARP 960H COLOUR CCD
• Horizontal Resolution 600 TV Lines High Definition
• Number of Pixels PAL: 752(H)×582(V) 
• Pixel pitch: 5.0μm*7.4μm
• Illumination 0.1 Lux (day) 0Lux (with IR)
• 4pcs High Quality SMD LEDs On for Night Vision
• Night Vision Distance: Approx. 10m
• Automatic Adjusts with Day/Night Sensor
• Anti-Vibration 10G  
• Scanning System  2:1 Interlace 
• Horizontal Sync: 15.63 kHz
• Vertical Sync. Frequency:  50 Hz   
•  Automatic Gain Control (AGC)  Auto
• White Balance:  Auto 
• BLC:  Auto Adjusts with Brightness
• Electronic Shutter: 1/50(PAL)~1/100,000 Seconds
• Waterproof IP69K
• Operation Temperature  -30℃~+70℃ RH95% Max
• Storage Temperature  -40℃~+80℃ RH95% Max
• Current Consumption:  Max. 200 mA
• Power Supply DC12V
• Dimension 38(D) x 69(W) x 43(H)mm (without Mounting)
• Weight 500g
• Two Year Warranty
Reversing camera monitor suction bracket.  The bracket will suction stick on to the vehicle windscreen. This bracket suits most monitors.
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Fan bracket mounting alternative for reversing monitor
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Magnetic Base Easy Install For NAS Cameras Which With U-Support Brackets
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