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Backup Camera Extension Aviation Cable

The connections on the reversing / rear-view camera cables push in and then screw up creating a secure connection. They come with rubber O-rings creating a waterproof join. The extension cable is airline aviation cable and has a 4-pin female end and a 4-pin male end. NAS cameras come with a 4-pin female ended connection and require the 4 pin male ended extension cable. NAS monitors have the 4-pin male ended connection and require the female ended extension cable. If you have a different brand of monitor or camera to the NAS Electronics range and it does not have a 4-pin connection and has a RCA connection instead you will require one of NAS RCA Cables and these can be found here RCA Cables.

Secure Waterproof Cable Connections


4pin Male Screw Definition

4pin Female Screw Definition

Cameras have the 4 Pin Waterproof Female Plug GX12 Aviation Plug Connection