7" Rear-Vision Mirror Monitor

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Rear-Vision Monitor

7inch Mirror Monitor

7" Car Rear View Monitor Camera Kit (R-MFV87)
• Screen size 7" digital LCD MIRROR monitor
• Type 16:9 wide screen
• Resolution 400 R.G.B x234 dots
• Colour system PAL/ NTSC (AUTO)
• Video inputs 2-CH inputs 
• Power requirement 12V DC  
• Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• MIRROR/NORMAL switch Yes
• Operating temperature  -10℃ to +65℃
• Storage temperature  -30℃ to +80℃
• Reverse trigger Automatic if wire is connnected.
• Outer dimension 253x(L)x 108(W)x 21.9(H)mm
• Monitor Harness
• User Guide
Trigger Wire Green does not have to be connected, it only requires connection if you want a camera to come on automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse for example.

Monitor Hardness

7inch Rear Vision Monitor Hardness 

Dimensions: mm

7inch mirror monitor dimensions

Front View

7inch mirror monitor from view

Back View

7inch mirror monitor back view

Side View

7inch mirror monitor side view