9" Vehicle Rear View Camera Digital Quad Monitor (R-MSQ936)

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9" Quad Digital Screen TFT LCD Monitor

9inch Reversing Quad Digital Screen Monitor

9"  Digital Screen TFT LCD Monitor (Model: R-MSQ936) Reversing safety
• 9inch Digital Screen TFT Quad Monitor with Sun Visor
• Touch Screen Functions
• Voltage Onput: DC 12V
• Picture Image: Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror & Normal Viewing
• View Image: Singly, Dual, Triplex, Quad, H-Shape, Trefoil, Y-Split, PIP1-2-3
• Blacklite Controls for Night Vision
• 4 Trigger Cables (Reversing/Turn Left/Turn Right/Front) Full Screen When Activated
• Colour System: PAL/NTSC (AUTO)
• Display Resolution: 800 x 3(ROB) x 480(H)
• Video Inputs: 4 Video Inputs for Cameras: Peak Value: 1Vp-p, Impedance: 75ohm
• Audio Inputs: 4 Audio Inputs for Cameras: Peak Value: 1Vp-p, Impedance: 4.7Kohm1
• Wide View Angle: U:50/D: 70°; R/L: 70°
• Brightness (cd/m2): 400 (Automatically Adjust with Environment)
• Contrast Ratio:  500:1   Aspect Ratio:  16:9
• Operating Temp: -20°C to +70°C   Storage Temp: -30°C to +80°C
• Free Operating Voltage: DC10-32V
• System Power Consumption Max 25W, Cameras Power: Max. 4 x 300mA, 12V
• External Dimensions: (L x H x W) 235 x 160 x 40mm Without Mounting & Sun Visor
• External dimensions: L*W*T(151X113X50)mm
• Weight Approx: 1.85KG
• Two Year Warranty
• Product Accessories
• Accessories: 1-Centre Mount Bracket (Fan Bracket)~1-U-Support Bracket~1-Sun Visor 4 Angle Adjustment Screws~1-IR Remote Control~1 Power Cable~1-Users Manual



9inch  Quad Rear View Monitor

9inch Vehicle Reversing Quad Monitor

9" Vehicle Reversing Quad Monitor

9inch Vehicle Reversing Quad Monitor

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