9Inch Digital Wireless One Camera (R-KDW901NR)


Digital Wireless 9" Monitor 1 Camera

Guaranteed No Interference

  9" Digital Wireless Camera Kit (R-KDW901NR)
• Wireless Range up to 100m Clear Line of Sight
• The monitor can be viewed in Single or Split display mode.
• Camera With IR-CUT. No Color Deviation. Image Color More Realistic.
 • Wireless eliminates running cables through machinery.
• Power ~ Monitor and Cameras 10DC-32V

• Suitable for 12V and 24V Trucks and Farming Machinery

  • Monitor current draw approx.  400mA @ 12V / 200mA @ 24V 
  • Camera current draw approx.  160mA @ 12V / 80mA @ 24V
• The equipment is tough and is made specifically for farming, industrial and mining machinery.
Kit Includes
• 1 x R-KDW9N High Quality 9" TFT LCD Digital Wireless Monitor
• 1 x R-KDW01NR Wireless 1/3inch CMOS High Resolution IR-CUT Camera
• 2 x Antennas ( 1 for Monitor & 1 for Camera)
• 1 x Digital Cabled Antenna (2.5M)
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• U-Support Bracket (other bracket styles are suitable too)
• Manual
• Two Year Warranty

The digital signal is a strong signal and in testing the cameras through metal the signal reached up to approx. 70m before there was a drop in the picture speed and quality. 

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