Digital Wireless 7" Quad DVR Vehicle Observation Kit With DC12V Mobile Power (R-KDWSQ74RecVPP)

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Digital Wireless 7" Quad DVR Oberservation Camera Kit With DC12V Mobile Power Dash Cam

Guaranteed No Interference

  7" Digital Wireless Quad DVR Camera Kit (R-KDWSQ74RecVPP)
• Wireless Range up to 100m Clear Line of Sight
• The monitor can be viewed in single / two splits / quad display mode.
• Supports up to 128GB SD Card  Recording Time Approx. 48 Hours
• Real time recording, video playback AVI recording
• Power ~ Monitor and Cameras 12DC-32V
• Suitable for 12V and 24V Trucks and Farming Machinery
• The equipment is tough and is made specifically for farming, industrial and mining machinery.
Kit Includes
• 1 x High Quality 7" TFT LCD Digital Wireless Quad DVR Monitor
• Sun Visor
• 4 x R-KDWS07 Digital Wireless 1/3inch Cameras
• 1 x R-KDW12VPPN DC12V Mobile Power
• 6 x Antennas 5dB (2 for Monitor & 4 for Cameras)
Electrical Connecting Cables
Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• U-Support Bracket & Fan Bracket
• Manual
• SD Card Not Included
• 2 Year Warranty


HD Waterproof Backup Camera IP69K
HD Waterproof Backup Camera


Cameras Can Be Mounted on a Magnetic Base for Ease of Fixing and Movability


Magnetic Base for waterproof cameras


To purchase as an optional extra click on the "Add Camera Magnet" Tab.


Secure Twist Lock Camera & Power Cable Connections


Twist Lock Camera & Power Cables


The equipment is tough and is made specifically for farming, industrial and mining machinery. Suitable for 12V and 24V Trucks and Farming Machinery. The installation is easy as there is no need to run cables through machinery. The digital signal is strong in testing the cameras on a road train the furthest camera reached up to approx. 60m before there was a drop in signal. 

7inch Digital Wireless Quad Monitor Camera Kit With Mobile Power



Digital Wireless 9" Quad DVR Farming Observation Kit

7inch Digital Wireless DVR Quad Monitor

7inch Car Reversing Quad DVR Monitor

 Model:  R-KDWSQ7REC
• 7" Digital Wireless 2.4G TFT LCD Quad-View Monitor with Sun Visor
• Transmittion Distance: 100m Clear Line of Sight from Camera
• Supports 1 x 128Gb SD Card AVI Format Real Time Recording, Video Playback (SD Card Not Included)
• Touch Button Functions
• Voltage Input: Supports 12V & 24V
• Picture Image: Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror & Normal Image
• View Image: Singly, Dual, Quad, H-Shape
• Backlite Controls for Night Vision
• Free Operating Voltage: DC10-32V
• Trigger Cables (Reversing/Turn Left/Turn Right/Front) Full Screen Activated
• Operating Frequency: 2400-2483.5 MGz Emitting Frequency 17 dBm
• Wide Viewing Angle: U:50/D: 70°, R/L: 70°
• Brightness (cd/m2): 350 (Automatically Adjust with Environment)
• Contrast Ratio: 500:1  Aspect Ratio: 16:9  Colour System: PAL/NTSC (Auto)
• Display Resolution: 800 x 3(ROB) x 480(H)
• System Power Consumption Max 6W
• Operating Temp: -20°C to +70°  Storage Temp: -30°C to +80°C
• External Dimensions: (L x H x W) 234 x 158 x 40mm Without Mounting & Sun Visor
• Weight Approx: 4.7kg with 4 Cameras
• Two Year Warranty
• Assessories: 1 x Centre Mount Bracket, 1 x U-Support Bracket, 1 x Sun Visor, 4 x Angle Adjustment Screws, 1 x IR Remote Control, 1 x Power Cable, 6 x 5dB Antennas,  4 x Cameras, 1 x User Manual

Monitor Dimensions: mm 
 Digital wireless monitor measurement

Panel Description:

9" Digital Wireless monitor controls


Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

 Model:  R-KDWS07
• Lens Angle: 120°
• Built in 2.4GHz -2483.5GHz Digital wireless transmitter
• Waterproof Housing: IP69K
• Night Vision Distance: Approx. 20m
• 28 Infrared Lights
• Image Device: 1/3" CMOS PC1089
• Horizontal Resolution: 500TV Lines
• Transmitting Distance To Monitor: 100m Barrier Free
• Scan Mode Auto to Pair in Camera
• TV System: Pal / NTSC
• Array Size: 728 488 Pixels
• Sensing Area: 4.6228mm x 3.6112mm
• Scanning System: 2.1 Interlace  Sync. System: Internal
• Shock Vibraton ~ Standard ISO16750 Camera 17.9g 
• Operating Voltage: DC10-32V 
• Current  Consumption: Max 250mA@12V/140mA@24V
• Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux (day), 0 Lux (with IR)
• Video Output: 1.0vp-p.750hm
• AGC: Auto  S/N Ratio: Better than 489dB
• White Balance: Auto  BLC Auto
• Transmitting Output Power: 17dBm transmitting Speed: 4Mbps
• Backlight Compensation: Auto
• Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃, RH90%
• Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃, RH90%
• Dimensions: 235(W) x 160(H) x 40(D) mm 
• Weight Approx: 500g
• Two Year Warranty

Monitor Dimensions: mm

Size of Digital Wireless Cameras

Real Panel:
Farming Digital Wireless Cameras

New DC12V Mobile Power Approx. 14 Hours Running Time* with No IR Usuage Approx. 7 Hours with No External Light.

DC12V Mobile Power

* Approximately 14 hours of power to operate one digital wireless camera before recharging is required.

DC12V Mobile Power (R-KDW12VPPN)
• Type Batteries:Lithium ion batteries (Panasonic original battery)  
• Capacity:10000mA
• DC Input:5V/(3.5A)-9V/12V(1.5A)
• DC Output::12V(0.8A)
• Charging times:> 800 cycles

• Charging Method: Constant Current (CC) 2A (0.2C) to 4.2V cut-off charge; Constant Voltage(CV) 4.2V 100mA to charge off; 5A(0.5C) Charging

• Charge / Discharge Interface:Charge: USB male / Dischagre DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:6G
• Waterproof Level:IP66
• Charging Working Temperature: 0 ℃ to + 40℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-10℃ to + 50 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):95mmX72mmx29mm (excluding tail line)
• Weight (g):250g 
• One Year Warranty

Battery Dimensions: mm

New DC12V Mobile Power Dimension

State of Charge 

New DC12V Mobile Plower State of Charge



DC12V Mobile Power Magentic Base Mount

  * Approx. 17.25 hours of power with No IR Usuage to operate one digital wireless camera before recharging is required. Approx. 9 Hours with no External Light.
DC12V Mobile Power (KDWS12VPP17)
Fast Charge
On and Off Button
Low Standby Power Consumption 
Charging Capacity Indicator Light 
Discharging Capacity Indicator Light 
Over Charge Protection 
• Over Discharge Protection  
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection  
Temperature Protection 
Load Detection
Strong Magnetic Base Mount
UPS Power Charging 
• Power Pack Charging  
• Type Batteries:Li-ion batteries (Panasonic original import)  
• Capacity:10050mAh/3.6V
• Charging Voltage:5D~24V
• Discharging Voltage: 9.5~12.6V (10.8V)
• Discharging times:17.5H (160mA~180mA12V)
• Charge / Discharge Interface:DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:5.9G
• Waterproof Level:IP69K
• Charging Working Temperature: -10℃ to + 45℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-20℃ to + 60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):100.5mmX64.5mmx40.7mm
• Weight (g):300g 
• One Year Warranty


 Battery Pack To Power a Camera


To protect the battery from damage before storing it for long period of time charge the battery to 75% and charge it again within 4 months. After storage charging the battery may take longer than ususal to fully charge,  however this will right it self after the first charge.


Camera operates on a battery


DC12V Larger Mobile Power Approx. 30 Hours Running Time*

larger battery pack

* Approximately 30 hours of power to operate one digital wireless camera before recharging is required.

DC12V Larger Mobile Power (R-KDW12VPPL)
• Type Batteries:Polymer batteries (Panasonic original import)  
• Capacity:8000mAH
• DC Input:12.6V(3A)
• DC Output::12V(3A)

•Charging Method: Constant Current (CC) 2A (0.2C) to 4.2V   Cut- off Charge;  Constant Current (CV) 4.2v 100mA to Charge   off; 3A (0.5C) Charging. Auto Stop

• Charging times:> 800 cycles
• Charge / Discharge Interface:DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:10G
• Protection Level:IP65(Dustproof and not wateproof)
• Charging Working Temperature: 0 ℃ to + 40℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-20℃ to + 60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):136.5mmX120mmx49mm (without tails)
• Weight (g):1200g 
• One Year Warranty

Larger Battery Pack

larger battery pack

larger battery pack

Battery Dimensions: mm

larger battery size

State of Charge

larger battery state of charge

 larger battery connect to a kit

• > DC9.9V, the battery power is lower than 25%
• > DC10.7V, the battery power is lower than 50%
• > DC11.4V, the battery power is lower than 75%
• > DC12.2V, the battery power is 100% full.
• The battery charging time is aprox.4 Hours
• > DC12.2V, battery power is full as 100%
• > DC11.4V, battery power is less than 75%
• > DC10.7V, battery power is less than 50%
• > DC9.9V, battery power is less than 25%
• One Year Warranty
Magnetic Base Easy Install For NAS Cameras Which With U-Support Brackets
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