For more than a decade, NAS has been a trusted provider of digital wireless rearview and observation camera systems, catering to the agricultural and mining sectors while meeting the diverse needs of general consumers. The latest advancements in technology are evident in the new HD 1080P NAS Unity and Concord Range, specifically designed to address reception issues caused whilst harvesting by grain dust. Farmers are praising the exceptional performance of these systems, particularly when augers are filling trucks with grain.

Renowned for their reliability and NAS's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, these kits have maintained enduring popularity. Offered in single and dual-camera configurations, as well as four-camera quad setups, these versatile kits provide real-time observation capabilities. Selected quad kits come equipped with recording functionality, enhancing their utility. Users can trust these systems to operate seamlessly in challenging environments, ensuring interference-free performance even in the most demanding settings.


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