Long Range Driveway Alarm Transmitter (DW-T)

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Long Range Driveway Alarm Transmitter (Transponder Signal Repeater)

The 433MHz FM Transmitter expands the wireless distance of up to an additional 1km between the Solar Beams and the House Alert and the Solar Outdoor Siren/Strobe. Four of the transmitters can be added to the solar beams increasing the distance up to 4km clear line of sight.  A Transmitter can be programmed in at the location of the House Alert but powered outdoors at the furtherest away power point and this will increase the wireless distance. 

  • Transmitter requires 240V power 
  • Operating Voltage 12V-15V
  • Transmitting Distance 1Km
Up to 50 solar beams can be programmed to one transmitter (transponder/signal repeater).  The transmitter needs to be installed between the beams and the house alert.