Driveway Alarm Wireless Transmission up to 500m from the Owl Indoor Chime (DW-R089B500M)

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Driveway Alarm Long Distance Alerting That Someone is Approaching and Entering Your Property.

The installation is simple and easy, mount the Solar Beams, turn them on, and plug in the Owl Indoor chime. No programming required. 


No cabling required and no replacing batteries, the waterproof Solar Beams requires outdoor light and the Indoor Chime requires a power point.

This system is fully expandable several Solar Beams can be positioned around your house and property and when they detect movement it will activate the Indoor Chime Alert located indoors. Each Solar Beam set can be programmed so that it has a different chime.  Likewise, several Indoor Chimes Alerts can be paired to one Solar Beam set, so an Indoor Chime Alert can be positioned in the house and one in the shed.

Uses Driveways, Paths, Patios, Business Entrances, Perimeter Fencing, & Swimming Pools. Made for the Australian environment.

Owl Chime Alert


Indoor Owl Chime Alert (DW-RO89)
•  35 Chimes/Melodies
•  32 Solar Sensors can be paired to one Indoor Owl Chime Alert each with a different Melody.
•  Ring Tone Chime will sound for Approx. 8 seconds
•  4 Volume Control Adjustments
•  Alert/Alarm Volume ≤ 80 dB
•  Requires 240V power
•  Indoor Chime Alert Is not waterproof -  indoors only
•  2 Year Warranty


Infra- Red Solar Beams

Solar Beams 500M Wireless Distance (DW-B500M)
• The Waterproof Solar Beams can be mounted 60m apart spanning across a driveway or along a fence line. 
• The Solar Beams can be mounted clear-line of sight up to 500M from the Indoor Chime. 
• The Solar Beams have two infra-red sensors that need to be broken at the same time to wirelessly alert the Indoor Chime, this prevents false alarms.
• On a Driveway the Solar Beams are best mounted 900mm from the ground to the middle of the two infra-red sensor on the Solar Beams, this will prevent false alarms.
• Having to break the 2 infra-red sensors beams eliminates false alarms from livestock, dogs & vermin.
• The Solar Beams have advanced photoelectric technology so that bad weather will not cause false alarms.
• The Solar Beams are self-powered by solar rechargeable lithium ion batteries and they only require light to recharge not full sun.  They will charge on cloudy overcast days. 
• If there is no natural light, the built in batteries can support up to approx. 3 days of moderate use. The Solar Beams can be installed inside but they will require mains power. 
• The solar battery life is approx. 3 years or more, batteries can be replaced.
• Working Voltage 3.3V
• Solar output current ≥ 4mA at an Illumination level of 1800Lx
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• Maximum alarm/alerting times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• 2 Year Warranty


Driveway Alert Solar Beams Range 500m Measurements


  • Small Animals or Leaves will not activate the Solar Beam Sensors because they cannot block both of the infra-red beams at the same time.
  • Extremely reliable in all weather conditions




  • The Solar Beams Have Been Tested & Programmed to the Alert/Chime Before Sending.
  • NO PROGRAMMING is Required Just Installation.
  • DO NOT Continually Test the Beams indoors.
  • DO NOT test the Beams in short periods of time as this could impend the battery life and cause the beams to malfunction.



1. Press the white button once on the rear of each Solar Beam. 

2. The power button will light up to indicate that they have turned on, the power button light will turn off after 30 seconds.

3. Power up the Indoor Security Alert.

4. Install the Solar Beams and ensure that the infra-red beams on the solar beams are lined up.


Installation Precautions How Not to Install Beams


1. Never install the beams on an angle.
2. Ensure there is not an obstacle between the beams as this hinder the transmission.


3. When installing multiple beams install as above so that the beams wireless transmissions do not interfere with each other.


 4.  Ensure that the Solar Panel is exposed to direct sunlight, do not have the infra-red lights facing direct sun light.
 5.  High-Voltage towers may interfere with the wireless signal.

Damage resulting from failure by improper use or failure to observe the precautions stated above will not be covered by the warranty period.

This driveway alert will not false alarm if it has been installed correctly.  The driveway alert will false alarm if the beams have been knocked out of alignment.