Driveway Alert Battery Operated Sensor Beam and Indoor Battery Operated or Power Chime Chime has a Power Lead (DW-85TO500m)

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Indoor Alert can operate on power or batteries and has a power lead.  

Applications- Indoor and Outdoor, Driveway Alarm, Business Entrance Alert, Perimeter Fencing Alarm, Swimming Pool Alarm.

The installation is simple and easy, mount the Owl sensor turn it on, and plug in the Indoor Alert. No programming is required, we have already done this for you.

Indoor Alert

Indoor Alert (DW-R85)
• Fully Expandable System 
• Available in Black or white choose colour above.
• The Indoor Chime will chime when the Solar Beams activate.
• There are 35 different ring tones/chimes available to choose from.
• Four volume adjustments.
• Indoor Chime Alarm Volume ≤ 80 dB
• The Indoor Chime is not waterproof and requires 240V power.
• The Indoor Chime can have backup batteries for power outages.
• 32 sets of Solar Beams can be wirelessly linked to one Indoor Chime and each set of Solar Beams can have a different ring tone/chime so that you are made aware of what area has had gone into alarm. 
• Two driveways, two sets of beams, one Indoor Chime a different chime on each driveway. 
• 2 Year Warranty

The owl sensor can be positioned inside or outside to alert an intrusion. 

The owl sensor activates by detecting movement that contains heat. The owl driveway alarm will activate when a person walks through the beam and when a car drives through the beam as it also produces heat.  The detection range set on low sensitivity is 10m  and at high sensitivity 15m.  The angle of the beam is 15°.

Three AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries are required and if the sensor is triggered twenty times a day the live of the batteries will be approximately eight-twelve months (batteries not included).



Owl Sensor Beam  (DW-RTO500m)
•  Detection Range - Low Sensitivity ---10m  High Sensitivity ---15m
•  Detection Angle - 15°
•  Wireless Transmission Range - Up to 500m
•  32 Solar Sensors can be paired to one Indoor Chime Alert each with a different Melody.
•  Waterproof 
•  Working Temperature - -20°C - 50°C
•  2 Year Warranty


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