Driveway Alert Outdoor/Siren Strobe Range 2km (DW-OSSB1KMT)

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Driveway/Shed Alarm

Solar Powered Outdoor

Strobe/Siren Alert

Outside Siren to Alert that someone is coming up the driveway

Solar Outdoor Siren  (DW-OSS)
• Powered By Solar No Cables Required
• Built-in Speaker & Bright LED Lights
• 2 Ring Tones (Alarm Siren & Door Bell)
• Alarm/Door Bell is Turned Off With Remote (Remotes do not include batteries)
• Alarm Volume 90db
• Solar Battery Life Approx. 4 Years or More, Batteries can be Replaced.
• Range Approx. 800M Clear Line of Sight From Beams
• LED Luminous Flux 701m per
• Working Voltage 6.4V
• Battery Type LiFePO4Li-ion Battery
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Dimensions 280 x 180 x 70mm
• 24 Sets of Beams can be programmed into one Outdoor Strobe/Siren.
• 2 Year Warranty

Long Range Driveway Alarm Transmitter

Driveway Alert Repeater to Increase Wireless Distance

The 433MHz FM Transmitter expands the wireless distance of up to an additional 1km between the Solar Beams and the House Alert. Four of the transmitters can be added to the solar beams increasing the distance up to 4km clear line of sight.  A Transmitter can be programmed in at the location of the House Alert but powered outdoors at the furtherest away power point and this will increase the wireless distance. 

  • Transmitter requires 240V power
  • Operating Voltage 12V-15V
  • Transmitting Distance 1Km Clear Line of Sight.

Infra-Red Solar Beams

Driveway Alarm Solar Beams


Driveway Alert Solar Beams  (DW-B1KM)
• Solar Powered No Cables
• Solar Battery Life Approx. 3 Years or More, Batteries can be Replaced.
• Range Approx. 800M Clear Line of Sight
• Infra-Red Distance Mount Beams up to 100m apart
• 3 Infra-Red Detection Beams Need to be Broken to Activate Alarm.
• The Breaking of 3 Beams Eliminates False Alarms from Livestock, or Dogs
• Mount Beams so that the middle infra-red beam is 900mm from the Ground.
• Beams are Waterproof
• Working Voltage 3.3V
• Battery Type LiFePO4Li-ion Battery
• Solar Output Current ≥ 4mA at an Illumination Level of 1800Lx
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Dimensions 340 x 84 x 45mm
• 24 Sets of Beams can be programmed into one Indoor House Alert.
• 2 Year Warranty



 Driveway Alert Diagram

1. Before installation remove the plastic film of the solar panels.
2. Lay the Solar Panels out in the sun before installation for a few hours DO Not Press Any Buttons.
3. The Solar Beams Have Been Tested & Programmed to the house Alert or Outdoor Siren/Strobe.
4. NO PROGRAMMING is Required Just Installation.

DO NOT test Beams or use Beams indoors.
DO NOT test Beams in short periods of time as this could impend the battery life and cause the beams to malfunction.
With correct installation the beams can trigger an alert/alarm approx. 50 times within a 24 hour period.


Installation Precautions How Not to Install Beams

How Not to Install Solar Beams

1. Never install the beams on an angle.
2. Ensure there is not an obstacle between the beams as this hinder the transmission.

Solar Beams Precautions


3. When installing multiple beams install as above so that the beams wireless transmissions do not interfere with each other.

 Solar beam Installation

 4.  Ensure that the Solar Panel is exposed to direct sunlight, do not have the infra-red lights facing direct sun light.
 5.  High-Voltage towers may interfere with the wireless signal.

 Damage resulting from failure by improper use or failure to observe the precautions stated above will not be covered by the warranty period.