Dual Backup Camera For Caravan Towing 30° For Use Whilst Travelling & 107° for Reversing Includes Curly Spring Cable for Ease When Hitching & Unhitching (K7FV87TC2C10730)

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Mirror Monitor with a Dual Camera 30° For Travelling on the Road and 107° for Reversing the Caravan Includes Curly Spring Cable for Easy When Hitching & Unhitching

7" Rear-Vision Mirror Caravan  Monitor Camera Kit with a Dual Backup Camera & Suzie Cable 
Kit Includes
• 1 x R-MFV87 7inch Mirror Monitor With Touch Buttons Controls
• 1 x R-CFV10730 Dual Camera 107° & 30° Sharp CCD Camera 480TVL
• 1 x Two Camera 4m Spring Suzie Breakaway Cable (T4MSp2C)
• 2 x 8m Cable (monitor to the back of car) Please Change Cable Lenths to Suit Your Requirement
• 2 x 8m Cable (From Suzie cable to back of caravan) Please Change Cable Lenths to Suit Your Requirement
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• User Guide
TFT- Thin Film Transistor. The LCD pixels are integrated behind the film transistor so that the monitor works well with high speeds displaying excellent  brightness and contrast.



 Backup Camera Suzie Wozza Cable

Rear-Vision Monitor

7inch Mirror Monitor

7" Car Rear View Mirror Monitor(R-MFV87)
• Screen size: 7" Digital LCD MIRROR monitor
• Type: 16:9 wide screen
• Resolution: 800(RGB) x 480 dots
• Colour system: PAL/ NTSC (AUTO)
• Video inputs: 2-CH inputs 
• Power requirement: 12V DC  
• Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• Operating temperature:  -10℃ to +65℃
• Storage temperature:  -30℃ to +80℃
• Reverse trigger Automatic if wire is connnected.
• Outer dimension: 253(L)x 108(W)x 21.9(H)mm
• Monitor Harness
• User Guide
Trigger Wire Green does not have to be connected, it only requires connection if you want a camera to come on automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse for example.

Monitor Hardness

7inch Rear Vision Monitor

Dimensions: mm

7inch mirror monitor dimensions

Front View

7inch mirror monitor from view

Back View

7inch mirror monitor back view

Side View

7inch mirror monitor side view

Dual Camera 107° & 30°

Dual Camera 107° and 30°

Sharp CCD Colour 480TVL Cameras (CFV10730)

• Sensor - 1/3 Sharp CCD 
• Resolution 480 TV Lines
• Number of Pixels PAL: 500(H)×582(V) 
• Lens - 2.8mm 170° / 12.0mm 30°
• Min Illunination - 0Lux (LED ON)
• 15Pcs IR Lights for Night Vision
• Night Vision Distance: Approx. 12m
• Waterproof IP68
• Operation Temperature  -20℃~+70℃ RH95% Max
• Power Supply DC12V
• Dimension 67.7(D) x 109.8(W) x 82(H)mm (With Mounting)
• Weight 550g
• One Year Warranty

 Camera Lens Can Tilt

Back View Showing the Two Cables


 Dimension of the Dual Camera


If your intention is to install one of NAS's Cameras on another brand of reversing camera monitor or Navigation/Stereo System then you may require a RCA cable and cable.

The RCA cables can be found on this page. https://www.nassecurity.com.au/rca-cables.html. The Cables can be found on this page https://www.nassecurity.com.au/reversing-camera-cable.html.

All of NAS's Cameras have a female ended Connection.

The length of cable attached to the camera is approx. 350mm.

PAL colour coding system (NTSC Special Order Please Contact NAS)

 Wired Camera 4PIN Aviation Definition

Trailer/Caravan Connecting Cable for Two Cameras

5PIN Trailer Cable 2 Camera
Trailer Connecting Cable Establishes a Secure Camera Connection between your Towing Vehicle and Trailer or Caravan
•  4m spring cable,  5 pin plugs and sockets.  
•  Two camera cables.
•  Includes mounting plates.
•  The camera cables are not included.

Small Trailer Cable For Two Cameras

5PIN Trailer Cable 2 Camera

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