Gate Beams (G-GB)

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Single Active Infrared Safety Beams

The beams can be located across the gateway as a safety beam. The gate will open if the beam is broken.

The beams can also be placed further down the driveway to automatically open the gate for leaving vehicles. The gate opener needs to be set to auto close, not manual close for this to operate. If your intention is to install the beams in this manner then you will need to contact the office as a chip needs to be replaced on the circuit gate board.  The cost of the chip is $55.00. The chip enables it to automatically reset every time a car break the beam so that it will stay open. When multi cars leave at the same time it will reset the closing timer back to zero.


Gate Safety Beams (G-GB)
•  Aspheric surface lens, optical, powerful and concentrated
•  Resistance to light up to 50.00lux
• built-in automatic light filtering system to avoid the influence of bright light and car light
• 1 x R-C14102 or R-C023.6 or C026.0 or R-C0212 Sharp CCD Camera
• 1 x 10m Cable
• 1 x 10m Cable
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• Remote Control (Battery Not Included)
• User Guide



~Aspheric surface lens, optical, powerful and concentrated.
~Resistance to light up to 50.00lux, .
~Unique Optical design: The photoelectric beams have the ability to penetrate              compound glass and can adjust to rain and snow.
~The beams will enhance sensitivity automatically in bad weather and heavy fog.
~Rain proof, dust proof

Automatic gate beams