HD 7-inch Quad Digital Wireless Monitor and 1080P Forklift Camera 80° Viewing Angle with Laser Beam, Providing clear, high-resolution images for better visibility and detail for maneuvering and safety - Industrial grade (HDKDWQ7CFLAS80PP- Concord)

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The HD 7-Inch Digital Wireless Monitor and Forklift Camera with Laser Beam is a valuable addition to any forklift operation, enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity. 

Its high-definition display, robust build, and advanced features like laser guidance make it a versatile tool for improving operational control and reducing accidents in industrial environments.  The 7-inch high-definition diagonal display screen offers a clear and detailed visual experience, making it easier for drivers and operators to monitor their surroundings. This monitor supports up to four cameras, which can display their feeds simultaneously in a quad view mode, providing a comprehensive view of multiple angles and areas around the vehicle.

7inch HD Digital Wireless Monitor Supports Four Cameras

A Live Image of a Forklift Camera Showing the Clarity

Strong Wireless Signal No Interference Up To 100m Clear Line of Sight

The system is designed to operate without interference, meaning it can transmit and receive data without being affected by other wireless devices or electromagnetic signals in the vicinity. 

Obstacles in the way of the wireless signal will reduce the wireless distance slightly.

Monitor Viewing Configurations

Mounting Bracket

The monitor comes with the U-Shaped Bracket

Other Mounting Bracket Options

Mounting Bracket

A suction bracket or fan bracket can be purchased as an optional extra by Clicking on the "Monitor Bracket" Tab

Suction or Fan Bracket Slides into Slot.

Waterproof IP69K Forklift Camera HD1080P with Laser light 80° Viewing Angle

Aluminum Alloy Built-in Internal Antenna

12V Mobile Battery Packs with Magnetic Bases for Powering Cameras


If Fully Charged Approx. 14 hours of power to operate one digital wireless camera if there is not any Camera IR light Usage.  Approx. 7 Hours if the Camera is running on full IR Lights because there is no external light source.

For more information on the battery pack please click here https://www.nassecurity.com...


To power the monitors and cameras effectively, a power supply within the range of 12 to 32 volts is required, with an absolute minimum of 12 volts (12V) as a constant. A reliable guideline to keep in mind is that a blue screen on the monitor indicates insufficient constant power, while a black screen signals a lack of constant power to the cameras.

The trigger wires on the monitor harness do not need to be connected unless you want a camera to activate automatically, such as when the vehicle is put into reverse. If the trigger wire is connected, you will not be able to view the camera continuously while driving. If you choose not to connect the trigger wires, wrap each one individually with insulation tape.

Digital Wireless Extension Antenna 5dBi Signal Boost, 3-meter cable that screws onto the monitor, offering the flexibility to extend the antenna (ADWC).


This kit includes one of the extension antennas. The antenna base is equipped with a magnetic base, although additional adhesive may be required for secure placement.

Additional Extension Antennas can be purchased as an optional extra by clicking on the "Add Antennas" Tab

Secure Twist Lock Camera and Power cable Connections

Ensure that the twist lock connection is fitted with the rubber cover and positioned securely over the junction. Additionally, it is advisable, if these connections are expected to be exposed to the elements, to wrap them with insulation tape to prevent water ingress.

Secure Twist Lock Camera and Power cable Connections
  7" Digital Wireless Quad Monitor Camera Kit (HDKDWQ7CFLAS80PP - Concord)
• Wireless Range up to 100m Clear Line of Sight with the Forklift Camera
• The monitor can be viewed in Single, Split, three camera split or quad display mode.
• Wireless eliminates running cables through machinery.
• Power ~ Monitor DC12-32V, Camera DC12V
• Suitable for 12V and 24V Trucks, Heavy Equipment Mining and Farming Machinery
• The equipment is tough and is made specifically for farming, industrial and mining machinery.
Kit Includes
• 1 x HDKDWQ7 High Quality 7" TFT LCD Touch Buttons Digital Wireless Monitor
• 1 x CHDDWFLAS80 Wireless 1/2.9 inch CMOS High Resolution 1080P IR CUT Camera
• 1 x Antenna (1 for Monitor)
• Camera Emissive Power 18dBm 
• 1 x Digital Cabled Antenna (3M)
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• U-Support Bracket (other bracket styles are suitable too)
• Manual
• Monitor Two Year Warranty, Camera One Year Warranty

 Images displayed on the monitors in any media form are for presentation purposes only and may or may not be a true reflection of the image pro

Monitor Dimensions


Monitor Key

HD 7" Quad Digital Wireless Monitor With Touch Buttons (HDKDWQ7)

Monitor Harness 

Monitor harnesses have trigger cables that are typically White, Brown, Yellow, Green, and/or Blue. These don't need to be connected unless you want a camera to activate automatically, like when the vehicle shifts into reverse. Connecting the trigger wires means you won't be able to view the camera constantly while driving. If you choose not to connect them, wrap each trigger cable individually in insulation tape.

• 7" IPS HD Screen Monitor with Removable Sun Visor and Touch Buttons
• Built-in 2.4G digital wireless receiver
• View Monitor Screen: Quad / Three Way Split / Single screen / Split Dual Screen Display
• Operation Frequency Range: 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
• Receiving Sensitivity:≤-86dBm(1MHZ QPSK MD300RE)
• Colour System: PAL/NTSC (Auto)
• Display Resolution: 1024(H) x 600(V)
• Surge and load dump protection: ISO16750-2 standard (24V system Us=174V,Ri=4Ω,td=350ms)
• Time Delay (ms): 200ms
• Transmission Distance: 200m (No Barriers)
• Wide View Angle (LR/UD) : (U/D) : 85/85 (L/R) : 85/85 
• Brightness (cd/m²): 600
• Contrast ratio: 800:1
• Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
• Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃
• Power Supply: DC12~32V (5W Max)
• External dimensions :(L x W x T) (220 x 149 x 84mm)(Including Sun Visor and U-bracket )
• Weight Approx: 1020g
• Two Year Warranty



2.4G Digital Wireless 1080P HD Forklift Camera Aluminum Alloy Built-in Internal Antenna

Camera Dimensions

Camera Cable Interface Definition

1080P HD DigitaL Wireless Forklift Camera Built-in Internal Antenna (CHDDWFLAS80)

• Free viewing angle: 80°
• Waterproof: IP69K (100% waterproof)
• Image Type: 1/2.9 inch Colour CMOS
• Built in 2.4GHz Digital wireless transmitter
• Transmission Power: 18dBm
• Wireless Range: No Barriers ≤100m
• TV System: PAL (25fps)
• Resolution: 1080P
• Effective Pixels: PAL 1920(H)*1080(V)
• Usable Illumination: 1Lux 
• Laser Function: Green Laser Beam
• Shell material: Aluminum Alloy, anti-collision design
• Free Operating Voltage: DC12Volts
• Shockproof: 5G (conforms to GB-T2423056-2006 standard)
• Dimensions: 88.5(W) x 52.5(H) x 109(D) mm (without mounting)
• Operating Temperature: -30℃ To + 70℃ Rh95% Max
• Storage Temperature: -40℃ To + 70℃ Rh95% Max
• Weight : 500g
• One Year Warranty

NEW DC12V Mobile Power Magnetic Base Mount

Battery to power digital wireless cameras

3.5 hours Fully Charged Approx. 14 hours of power to operate one digital wireless camera if there is not any Camera IR light Usage.  Approx. 7 Hours if the Camera is running on full IR Lights because there is no external light source.  

Fast charge, input/output  overvoltage protection, overcharge/discharge protection, input overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, reset protection, temperature protection, Light load protection, battery PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) protection.

DC12V Mobile Power (R-KDW12VPPN)
• Type Battery :Li-ion battery (Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion cell original import) 
• Cell Capacity :10000mAh(3.7V)37Wh
• Rated Capacity :2400mAh(12V0.5A)/28.8Wh
• USB Input (support fast charge) :5(V)3A   -9V/(2A)   -12V(1.5A)
• Fast Charge Mode :QC 2.0/3.0 Agreement 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (USB adapter needs to carry own QC agreement)
• DC Output :12V(0.8A)
• Charging Method :Constant Current (CC) 2A (0.2C) to 4.2V cut-off charge ; Constant Voltage (CV) 4.2V 100mA to charge off; 5A (0.5C) Charging
• Charging times :> 800 cycles
• Charge Interface :USB male
• Discharge Interface :DC 2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level :6G
• Waterproof Level :IP66
• Installation :With Strong Magnetic
• Charging Working Temperature : 0 ℃ to + 40℃
• Discharge Working Temperature :-10℃ to + 50 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature :-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm) :95mmX72mmx29mm (without tails)
• Weight :280g 
• One Year Warranty

Battery Dimensions: mm


Forklift Battery Charging

State of Charge

battery diagram


• Flashing red, the battery power is lower than 25%
• Flashing yellow, the battery power is lower than 50%
• Flashing blue, the battery power is lower than 75%
• Flashing green, the battery power is 100% full.
• The battery charging time is aprox.2~4 Hours
Using a DC12V/2A USB charger will take approx. 2 Hours
• Green light, battery power is full as 100%
• Blue light, battery power is less than 75%
• Yellow light, battery power is less than 50%
• Red light, battery power is less than 25%
• Battery power is less than 10%, the light will flash red for 60s and turn off 
• One Year Warranty
Fan bracket mounting alternative for reversing monitor
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Butterfly bracket to mount reversing monitor on the dash.
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