NAS Driveway Alerts Single Sensor Beam Wireless Range 500M

The solar sensor beam has one infra-red beam spanning up to 15M, the beam needs to be broken to activate the chime. The solar sensor beam only requires natural light to charge and the chimes require 240V power. It is easy to install and operate and can be easily placed around your property. Australia company with excellent backup customer service.
The Indoor Alert has the option to be powered by 240V power or batteries or both in the case of a power failure. The installation is simple and easy,...
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The Indoor Security Alert has an option to be wired into other devices like alarm systems, sirens and lights as it has 4 dry output contacts (relay...
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The Solar Strobe Siren is idea for industrial yards, wineries, orchards, farms or any outdoor use.  The Outdoor Strobe Siren will also flash when it is...
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