NAS Door Bell Chime (DW-R81DB88)

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Indoor Chime Alert

Indoor Chime Alert  (DW-R81)
•  35 Chimes/Melodies
•  32 Solar Sensors can be paired to one Indoor Chime Alert each with a different Melody.
•  Ring Tone Chime will sound for Approx. 8 seconds
•  4 Volume Control Adjustments
•  Alert/Alarm Volume ≤ 80 dB
•  Requires 240V power
•  Indoor Chime Alert Is not waterproof -  indoors only
•  2 Year Warranty

Wireless Door Bell

The wireless range between the door bell and any indoor chime alert is 300m clear line of sight.  The door bell when the button is pushed it activates one of the chime alerts. The door bell is a transmitter to the receiver which is an indoor chime alert. The door bell does not make any noise and to work must be paired with a indoor chime alert.   The wireless door bell can be added to any of the NAS Chimes.

The door bell does not work with any other brand of products other than the NAS range.