NAS Entrance Driveway Alert All Solar: Out Door Solar Siren Strobe & Solar Sensor (DW-NOSSSB800M)

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Solar Driven Loud Siren or Chime & Flashing Strobe Light: Entrance Alerting System for Factories, Sheds, Orchards, Vineyards & Farms.

Made for the Australian environment.

The installation is simple and easy, turn the Solar Beam on, and the Solar Outdoor Siren/Strobe and mount them. 

No programming required.  No cabling required - the waterproof Solar Sensor and Solar Siren require outdoor light.

Solar Powered Outdoor Strobe/Siren Alert


Solar Outdoor Siren  (DW-OS)
• Powered By Solar No Cables Required
• Built-in Speaker & Bright LED Lights
• 2 Ring Tones (Alarm Siren & Door Bell)
• Alarm/Door Bell is Turned Off With Remote
• Alarm Volume 90db
• Solar Battery Life Approx. 4 Years or More, Batteries can be Replaced.
• Range Approx. 600M Clear Line of Sight From Solar Sensor Beam
• LED Luminous Flux 701m per
• Working Voltage 6.4V
• Battery Type LiFePO4Li-ion Battery
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Dimensions 280 x 180 x 70mm
• 24 Sets of Beams can be programmed into one Outdoor Strobe/Siren.
• 2 Year Warranty



Solar Sensor

Driveway Alert Solar Sensor Beam (DW-RSSB800m)
• Solar powered built-in rechargeable batteries 
• Charges on cloudy and rainy days via the solar panel, the solar panel only requires natural light to charge not full sun.
• The Solar Sensor can be mounted clear-line of sight up to 800m from the Indoor House Security Alert located inside the dwelling. Buildings and thick vegetation in-between, will reduce the wireless distance.
• The detection range can be changed to suit a particular distance, if programmed on the High setting 20m, Medium 15M, or Low 8M.  The beam width is approx. 2 meters wide. 
• To detect cars and people mount the Solar Sensor 900mm from the ground.
• The Solar Sensor can be used indoors.  A USB lead is included & a 5V phone charger is recommended to use to charge.
• With correct installation a Solar Sensor can trigger an alarm approx. 200 times within a 24 hour period.
• Solar Sensor is waterproof IP65
• Advanced Wireless Transmission Technology FSK + FHSS has reduced the potential for false alarms.
• An improved motion detection chip and the detection angle has been refined to prevent false alarms from wind, dead leaves and small animals. 
• 32 Solar Sensor can be programmed into one Indoor House Security Alert providing boundary/fence security on a property.
• Working Voltage 3.3V
• Solar battery life approx. 3 years or more, batteries can be replaced.
• Battery type LiFePO4Li-ion battery
• Solar output current ≥ 4mA at an Illumination level of 1800Lx
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• 2 Year Warranty