RCA Cable Female with Power (RCAFP500mm)

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This RCA cable has the male socket that connects to the Camera.

RCA Cables may only be required if you are installing one of NAS's cameras on another brand of reversing camera monitor or a navigation/stereo system. Please check your connections. If you are installing the camera on a NAS monitor then a RCA cables is not required.

Length 500mm

If your intention is to install one of NAS's Cameras on another brand of reversing camera monitor or Navigation/Stereo System then you may require a RCA cable and an extension cable.  The extension cable can be found on https://www.nassecurity.com.au/reversing-camera-cable.html.

All of NAS's Cameras have a female ended cable attached to the camera and the cable is approx. 200mm long.

All cameras have a Female Ended Cable


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