Passive Infra-Red (P.I.R) Detectors

Passive infra-red detectors activate on any movement. A shadow moving across the room, a curtain being blown by a breeze or moving objects hanging from the ceiling will activate the alarm system. Mice, rats and most commonly spiders and moths will cause P.I.R's to activate. It is recommended that you spray regularly around the detector and ensure there are no spider webs. A strong light or the sun shinning directly on the P.I.R may also cause it to false alarm and if the P.I.R's infra-red rays penetrate a window then any movement outside will cause the alarm to activate.

Passive Infrared Detector


Dual Technology Detectors

Dual Technology Dectectos (Dual Tech’s) are less likely to false alarm because they require both body heat and movement to activate. If a window is open and the curtains moves with the breeze this will not activate the alarm system however if a brick was thrown through a window it may not set the alarm off because the brick does not produce body heat. If this is a concern then a glass break detector within the room will activate immediately with the sound of shattering glass.

If a ray of sun shine, shines through a windows and penetrates a detector for a length of time, it can also activate the alarm system. Whilst this is a rare occurrence, it has the tendency to occur only at certain times of the year. It is also recommended that you spray regularly for insects such as spiders and moths because if they sit on a detector for a length of time or spin a web around the detector they will activate the alarm system.

Dual Technology Detector


Pet Immune Dual Technology Detectors

Pet Immune Dual Technology Detectors allow an animal up to 45kg to roam freely throughout the house without activating the alarm as long as they stay on the floor. For example, if a dog or cat jumps up onto a chair or bench they will set the alarm off. The pet immunity function of the detector allows an area (called a corridor) up from floor level where the detector does not see therefore it will not activate the alarm system.


Pet Immune Detector

Magnetic Reed Switch - Door Contact

Magnetic Reed Switches or Door Contacts allow for an alarm system to monitor doors and windows. This can then allow the alarm to be armed in a Stay / Sleep mode. Meaning that the alarm will only monitor the doors and windows. This inturn allows yourselves or animals to move about inside the motion detector covered areas of the property, while the doors and windows are being monitored.Magnetic Contacts

Glassbreak Detector

Glassbreak Detectors are installed near fixed or opening windows and Glass doors (generally on the ceiling) to detect the sound of breaking glass.

When Glassbreak Detectors are installed near opening windows or doors fitted with Magnetic Reed Switches installed any potential intrusion is detected. Whether by the door or window being opened or the glass being broken.Glassbreak Detector

Photoelectric Beam (PE Beam) Sensors

Photoelectric Beam Sensors are designed as a point-to-point sensor to cover along the perimeter of buildings, properties, across entry areas and even in a buildings roof space. PE Beams are ideal if you want to cover the perimeter of a building without having to worry about movement from animals or insects.

Photoelectric Beams operate by needing to break the beams between the 2 units (a Receiver and Transmitter) to cause an alarm system to activate. They can come in a few configuration (single or multiple beams). The difference being multiple beam units require all beams to be broken to activate the alarm. This is ideal as it will stop false alarms with weather conditions (heavy frost or dew) or small animals moving between the PE Beams.

Photoelectric Beams

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