Alarm Monitoring

The benefit of having your alarm system monitored is you have the peace of mind that you have a guarding presence over your premises at all times. Monitoring provides extra safety for your family, business and home. The benefits of having your alarm system monitored are numerous:

1. Some people elect to have their alarm system ring their mobile phone and his means that you must be in mobile range at all times and have your mobile turned on. When your alarm system activates it will only make a beeping noise when it rings your mobile. You will not be aware of which detectors have activated in your premises or if the activation is likely to have occurred from a break in. When an alarm system is monitored the control room knows which detector has gone off and in what location and whether it is likely somebody is moving around inside.

2. If your alarm system has a fault it will report the fault via the telephone line to the control room. If NAS monitors your system we will be aware of the fault and contact you to rectify the problem. If your alarm system is not monitored, you will not be aware of any fault. The telephone line could have a fault and you would not know.

3. If you have smoke detectors installed in the alarm system and they activate the control room will immediately contact the key holder and phone the police and fire brigade if it is warranted. The sirens will activate immediately if the smoke detectors detect smoke or fire. 


Monitoring Station

The smoke detectors installed on your alarm system do not operate by batteries whereas a lot of other smoke detectors are battery operated and need to be replaced on a regular basis. If the batteries are not replaced of course they will not activate when a fire breaks out. If the main power supply to your premises is off then smoke detectors wired into the power may not operate. In the case of an alarm system when the mains power is off the alarm continues to function on battery backup. If at any time the battery power is low it reports to the monitoring station.

4. A real benefit of a monitored alarm is it has the functions to stress a propriety alarm. On most touch pads there are symbols for fire, ambulance and police. If you press one of these or you purchase key fobs they act as a duress alarm. The benefit of a key fob is you can carry it with you and it will work within a certain radius outside your premises. Even if your alarm system is turned off and you press the emergency buttons either on the touch pad or via a key fob it will report immediately a duress alarm. The control room will advise the police and other key holders. If your alarm system is not monitored then this duress function will not apply.

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