NAS Security Alert for Driveways, or any Property Intrusion or Detection. The Alert can be wired into other devices like alarm systems (DW-N86SSB800M)

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The Alert connects wirelessly to the Solar Sensor(s),& chimes when the infra-red sensor is broken by a person or vehicle.

No cabling required and no replacing batteries, the waterproof solar beams require outdoor light and the Indoor Security Alert requires a power point. The installation is simple and easy, turn the Solar Beams on, mount them and plug in the Indoor Security Alert. No programming required we have programmed it for you.  And it is made for the Australian environment.

Indoor Security Alert

The Indoor Security Alert connects wirelessly to the Solar Sensors, it is the receiver that will chime when the infra-red sensor on the Solar Sensors are broken by a person or vehicle. The Indoor Security Alert is not waterproof and requires power.  Many Indoor Security Alerts can be paired wirelessly to one  Solar Sensor therefore you can have one in your house and one in the shed for example.

The Indoor Security Alert has an option to be wired into other devices like alarm systems, sirens and lights as it has 4 dry output contacts (relay outputs).  If this alert is incorporated into your alarm system when the Solar Sensors infra-red beam is broken it will activate the alarm system as well as chime in your premises to alert you of a boundary entrance breach. 



Indoor House Security Alert  (DW-R86)
•  Ring Tone will sound for 8 seconds
•  Volume control adjustment
•  House Security Alert Alarm Volume ≤ 80 dB
•  Several Indoor House Security Alerts can be installed on one Solar Sensor
• House Security Alert requires 240V power
• House Security Alert Is not waterproof -  indoors only
• 2 Year Warranty




Driveway Alert Solar Sensor Beam (DW-RSSB800m)
• Solar powered built-in rechargeable batteries 
• Charges on cloudy and rainy days via the solar panel, the solar panel only requires natural light to charge not full sun.
• The Solar Sensor can be mounted clear-line of sight up to 800m from the Indoor House Security Alert located inside the dwelling. Buildings and thick vegetation in-between, will reduce the wireless distance.
• The detection range can be changed to suit a particular distance, if programmed on the High setting 20m, Medium 15M, or Low 8M.  The beam width is approx. 2 meters wide.
• To detect cars and people mount the Solar Sensor 900mm from the ground.
• The Solar Sensor can be used indoors.  A USB lead is included & a 5V phone charger is recommended to use to charge.
• With correct installation a Solar Sensor can trigger an alarm approx. 200 times within a 24 hour period.
• Solar Sensor is waterproof IP65
• Advanced Wireless Transmission Technology FSK + FHSS has reduced the potential for false alarms.
• An improved motion detection chip and the detection angle has been refined to prevent false alarms from wind, dead leaves and small animals. 
• 32 Solar Sensor can be programmed into one Indoor House Security Alert providing boundary/fence security on a property.
• Working Voltage 3.3V
• Solar battery life approx. 3 years or more, batteries can be replaced.
• Battery type LiFePO4Li-ion battery
• Solar output current ≥ 4mA at an Illumination level of 1800Lx
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• 2 Year Warranty