Side Mount Reversing Camera 120° Adjustable Eyeball (RV-CSD14)

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Sideview forward facing or rear-view camera the eyeball can be positioned to focus on a particular area

Waterproof IP67 Backup Camera

120° Rear-View Camera (CSD14)

The standard and most sold reversing camera has a 120°viewing angle. Camera Angles above 120° will show distortion in the width viewing image. The 120° viewing angle will provide a view of both lanes on a highway, excellent when towing a caravan or trailer or driving a truck on the freeway when you want to change lanes.  This angled camera is also popular on farming and mining machinery and is recommended for Utes that have closed in canopies with no rear vision from the vehicle's rear-vision mirror.  The camera can be tilted down or up to focus on a particular area. The downfall of a 120° camera is when towing a trailer or caravan for example a truck or car behind you will look like it is much further away however it is right up behind you.

 120 Degree Angle

Night Vision Distance

12pcs LEDs -Approx. 7m if there is no other light source.

Camera Dimensions

Secure Waterproof Cable Connections

The connections on the reversing / rear-view camera cables push in and then screw up creating a secure connection. They come with rubber O-rings creating a waterproof join. The extension cable is airline aviation cable and has a 4-pin female end and a 4-pin male end. RVCS cameras come with a 4-pin female ended connection and require the 4 pin male ended extension cable. 

Cameras have the 4 Pin Waterproof Female Plug GX12 Aviation Plug Connection

If your intention is to install one of NAS's Cameras on another brand of reversing camera monitor or Navigation/Stereo System then you may require a RCA cable. Please click here to view RCA Cables.

4pin Female Screw Definition

Sharp CCD Side View Camera 120° (RV-CSD14)
• Image Sensor: SHARP 1/3 CCD
• Viewing Angle: 120°
• Horizontal Resolution: 600TV line
• Minimum Illumination: 0.5Lux
• Infrared LED Light: 12pcs
• System: PAL
• Waterproof Range: IP67
• Shell material: Aluminium Alloy
• Power Supply: DC 12V
• Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
• Storage Temperature: -30℃~ + 80℃
• One Year Warranty