Single Gate Automation (G-SGAuto)

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Gate Automation

Electric/Solar Powered Swing Gates

 Single Solar Gate Kit (G-SGAuto)
Kit Includes
• 1 x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Arms
• 1 x Control Box Encasing Control Board
• 1 x Receiver & 3 Remotes (Open & Close Gate)
• 1 x External Transformer (12V)
• 1 x 7AH Backup Battery
• 1 x Release Key
• 2 x Brackets
• Installation Guide
• 2 Year Warranty


Gate Automation Kit

Gate Motor Specifications

• Supply Voltage         AC 110/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
• Operating Voltage    DC 19-20V for Normal Speed
DC 6-10V for Cushioning Speed
• Max. Output Power 80W Per Driver
• Operating Cycle 8-10n Seconds Per 90º (approx)                         
• Max. Weight of Gate    250 kg per Leaf (400mm stroke)
• Max. Length of Gate     3.20m per Leaf (400mm stroke)
• Electronic Controller  Micro-Processor Based
• Back-up Battery 12V 7AH
• Gear Box Three-Stage Spur Gear Reducer
• Driving Method Screw Driven Type
• Max. Piston Stoke 310mm
• Max. Piston Speed  3cm/sec
• Remote Controller 2 Channel, 433 MHz
• Safety Clutch  Electronic Current Sensing.  
High amp Cutoff

Solar Gate Automation

A manual is supplied with the gate open kit however below are some more helpful hints for DIY installation.

  • Max gate size: Approx.4.2m/14 Feet

  • Max gate weight: 250kgs for each actuator arm. It can operate on any style of gate that swings easily up to 250kgs including wind pressure.  If you live in a very windy location with a colour bond gate over 3m long wind holes in the gate maybe required.

  • The gate can be programmed for manual open and close with the remotes or keypad or key push button.

  • Gates can swing either into the property or outwards.

  • 12V DC Electric actuator arm with a square shank nut & thread that winds open and shut.

  • Sealed unit that is maintenance free No oiling is required.

  • The mounting of the actuator arm onto the post can vary depending on the length of the gate pivot point from the post. The actuator arm pivot point needs to be in line with the pivot point of the gate for a 45 degree angle opening. The placement of the mounting post bracket can be altered to achieve a greater opening of the gate as seen in the picture to give more than a 45 degrees swing back. 

  • The gate will stop at the end of the actuator arm travel opened or closed and does not necessarily have to have a stopper installed. Stoppers can be installed to limit the travel.

  • With a soft wood post (treated pine) we recommend using the half-moon bracket (not included in the kit) to achieve a good purchase on the post, and the bolt needs to be bolted right through the post.  Do not use coach bolts.

  • The round gate bracket it optional for round tubular framed gates for easy installation and adjustment.

  • With square posts the flat brackets supplied in the kit can be used. 

  • The first time that the gate opener is powered up the actuator arm travels very slowly looking for it boundaries. Once it has established its boundaries it will travel faster.

  • In the case of auto-exit beams or an exit wand being installed our gate openers can allow multi vehicle exits before auto closing at the pre-set times. Auto close can be set for 30, 60 or 120 seconds. With exit beams or exit wands other models on the market will only allow single vehicle exits before auto closing.

  • The gate opener can operate on the backup battery for approx. 24 hours depending on how many time it is opened and closed.

  • The solar panel needs to be installed as close to the gate as possible in full sunshine to gain the maximum voltage output to the backup battery.  

  • If operating on Solar a second battery may be required.

  • The Solar panel needs to face true north.

  • The keypad, key push button, exit beams or wand, wire on to the same terminals in the control box as the gate remote transformers.

  • To wire the keypad and exit beams light duty 4 core cable is required and is not supplied with purchase.

  • For the key push button or exit wand, light duty figure 8 cable is required and is not supplied with purchase.

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