Small Battery Pack Approx. 14 Hours Run Time* Without Any IR Light Usage Magnetic Base Mount Suits All Digital Wireless Cameras (R-KDW12VPPN)

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DC12V Mobile Power Magnetic Base Mount

Battery to power digital wireless cameras
* If Fully Charged Approx. 14 hours of power to operate one digital wireless camera if there is not any Camera IR light Usage.  Approx. 7 Hours if the Camera is running on full IR Lights becasue there is no external light source.
DC12V Mobile Power (R-KDW12VPPN)
• Type Batteries:Li-ion batteries (Panasonic original import)  
• Capacity:10000mA
• DC Input:5V/12V(2A)
• DC Output::12V(0.6A)
• Charging times:> 800 cycles
• Charge / Discharge Interface:DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:6G
• Waterproof Level:IP66
• Charging Working Temperature: 0 ℃ to + 40℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-20℃ to + 60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):95mmX72mmx29mm (without tails)
• Weight (g):280g 
• One Year Warranty

Battery Dimensions: mm


Forklift Battery Charging

State of Charge


• Flashing red, the battery power is lower than 25%
Flashing yellow, the battery power is lower than 50%
• Flashing blue, the battery power is lower than 75%
• Flashing green, the battery power is 100% full.
• The battery charging time is aprox.2~4 Hours
Using a DC12V/2A USB charger will take approx. 2 Hours
• Green light, battery power is full as 100%
• Blue light, battery power is less than 75%
• Yellow light, battery power is less than 50%
• Red light, battery power is less than 25%
• Battery power is less than 10%, the light will flash red for 60s and turn off 
• One Year Warranty