Solar Outdoor Siren Strobe with Battery Operated Driveway Alarm Sensor (DW-ROSSTo500m)

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Solar Driveway Alarm with Outdoor Solar Siren

Waterproof Outdoor Alert

Solar Outdoor Siren Strobe pairs with the Owl Sensor Beam wirelessly up to Approx. 500M clear line of site.  Many Solar Outdoor Siren Strobes can be paired to one sensor beam.  The Solar Outdoor Siren Strobe charges by daylight and there is no wiring required, it communicates with the Sensor Beams wirelessly.  The Solar Outdoor Siren Strobe will flash when activated and the loud noise it makes can either be like what an alarm system makes or a chime.

Solar Powered Outdoor Strobe/Siren Alert

Solar Outdoor Siren  (DW-OSS)
• Powered By Solar No Cables Required
• Built-in Speaker & Bright LED Lights
• 2 Ring Tones (Alarm Siren & Door Bell)
• Alarm/Door Bell is Turned Off With Remote
• Alarm Volume 90db (Not adjustable)
• Solar Battery Life Approx. 4 Years or More, Batteries can be Replaced.
• Range Approx. 500m Clear Line of Sight From Beams
• LED Luminous Flux 701m per
• Working Voltage 6.4V
• Battery Type LiFePO4Li-ion Battery
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Note that outdoor Illumination on raining days is approx. Level of  2000Lx
• Maximum Alarm times in 24 hours is ≥ 50 times
• Dimensions 280 x 180 x 70mm
• 24 Sets of Beams can be programmed into one Outdoor Strobe/Siren.
• 2 Year Warranty


The owl sensor can be positioned inside or outside to alert an intrusion. 

The owl sensor activates by detecting movement that contains heat. The owl driveway alarm will activate when a person walks through the beam and when a car drives through the beam as it also produces heat.  The detection range set on low sensitivity is 10m  and at high sensitivity 15m.  The angle of the beam is 15°.

Three AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries are required and if the sensor is triggered twenty times a day the live of the batteries will be approximately eight-twelve months (batteries not included).



Owl Sensor Beam  (DW-RTO500m)
•  Detection Range - Low Sensitivity ---10m  High Sensitivity ---15m
•  Detection Angle - 15°
•  Wireless Transmission Range - Up to 500m
•  32 Solar Sensors can be paired to one Indoor Chime Alert each with a different Melody.
•  Waterproof 
•  Working Temperature - -20°C - 50°C
•  2 Year Warranty