Waterproof Digital Wireless 7" Monitor & Battery Powered Camera Suitable for Forklifts (R-KDWWP781PP)

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7" Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor Forklift Camera Kit

Guaranteed No Interference

  7" Digital Wireless Camera Forklift Kit (R-KDWWP781PP)
• Wireless Range up to 100m Clear Line of Sight
• The waterprppf monitor built-in antenna. IP68 waterproof
• The waterprppf monitor can be viewed in Single or Split display mode
• Wireless eliminates running cables through machinery.
• Power for Monitor 10DC-32V
• Suitable for 12V and 24V Forklifts 
• The equipment is tough and is made specifically for Forklift, Telehandlers, Augers and other types of industrial trucks used for lifting. 
Kit Includes
• 1 x R-KDWWP7N High Quality 7" TFT LCD Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor
• 1 x R-KDW81 Wireless 1/3inch CMOS High Resolution Camera
• 1 x Antenna ( for Monitor)
• 1 x Battery Pack
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• U-Support Bracket
• Manual
• Two Year Warranty

The digital signal is a strong signal and in testing the cameras through metal the signal reached up to approx. 30m before there was a drop in the picture speed and quality. 

 2.4GHz Digital wireless Vehicle Backup Camera System

 7inch Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor Forklift Camera Kit


7" Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor Forklift Camera Kit Power Connection


Digital Wireless Forklift Kit Installation

Digital Wireless Forklift Kit Application

7" Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor

7inch Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor

Reversing Digital wireless waterproof Monitor with a IP68 rating. Monitor can withstand dust, high temperatures, and wash down procedures. 

Waterproof Colour Monitor(R-KDWW7N)
• 7"Digital Screen TFT LCD Color Monitor with Removable Sun Visor
• Waterproof: IP68
• Built-in 2.4G digital wireless receiver module, 
• View Monitor Screen: Single screen / Split Dual Screen Display
• Operation Frequency:2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
• Receiving Sensitivity:≤-86dBm(1MHZ QPSK MD300RE)
• Overlapping Hopping Channel:80
• Colour System:PAL/NTSC (AUTO)
• Display Resolution: 800RGB(H) X 480(V) dot
• Wide view angle(CR>10):(up/ down): 50/70 (left/right): 70/70
• Brightness (cd/m2): 450
• Contrast ratio: 500:1
• Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
• Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃
• Free Operating Voltage: DC10-32 Volts
• External dimensions:(L x W x T) (220X149X84mm)
   without mounting Sun Visor
• Weight Approx: 650g
Trigger Wires White, Brown, & Blue do not have to be connected, they only require connection if you want a camera to come on automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse for example.

Monitor Dimensions: mm

2.4G Digital Wireless Forklift Camera 

Digital Wireless Forklift Camera

Digital Wireless Camera (R-KDW81)
• Image Type: 1/3 inch Colour CMOS
• Built in 2.4GHz Digital wireless transmitter
• Transmission Power:18dBm with Power control
• Line of Sight Range:≤50M
• Horizontal Resolution: 600TV Lines
• Effective pixel:PAL:960(H)X480(V)
• Usable Illumination: 1Lux (2pcs IR LED's for Picture Support in the Dark)
• Free viewing angle: 60°
• Waterproof: IP69K
• Free Operating Voltage: DC12 Volts 
• Shockproof: 10G
• Dimensions: 25(W) x 37(H) x 124(D) mm (without mounting)
• Weight : 450g
• Two Year Warranty

Camera Dimensions: mm

Digital Wireless Forklift Camera Dimensions

 Camera Cable Interface Definition

Digital Wireless Camera Cable Interface Definition

DC12V Mobile Power

DC12V mobile power

DC12V Mobile Power (R-KDW12VPP)
• Type Batteries:Li-ion batteries (Panasonic original import)  
• Capacity:10000mA
• DC Input:5V/12V(2A)
• DC Output::12V(0.6A)
• Charging times:> 800 cycles
• Charge / Discharge Interface:DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:6G
• Waterproof Level:IP66
• Charging Working Temperature: 0 ℃ to + 40℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-20℃ to + 60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):95mmX72mmx29mm (without tails)
• Weight (g):280g 
• One Year Warranty

Battery Dimensions: mm

Forklift kit battery pack

State of Charge

Mobile power dimensions

Forklift Battery Charging 

• Flashing red, the battery power is lower than 25%
Flashing yellow, the battery power is lower than 50%
• Flashing blue, the battery power is lower than 75%
• Flashing green, the battery power is 100% full.
• The battery charging time is aprox.2~4 Hours
Using a DC12V/2A USB charger will take approx. 2 Hours
• Green light, battery power is full as 100%
• Blue light, battery power is less than 75%
• Yellow light, battery power is less than 50%
• Red light, battery power is less than 25%
• Battery power is less than 10%, the light will flash red for 60s and turn off 
• One Year Warranty