Waterproof 7inch Digital Wireless AHD Monitor, Magnetic Base Forklift Camera Operating on a Magnetic Base Battery Pack (R-HDKDWSW7VFL81SPP)

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Waterproof HD Digital Wireless 7" Monitor Forklift Camera & Battery Pack

Cameras Can Be Mounted on a Magnetic Base for Ease of Fixing and Movability

Magnetic Base for waterproof cameras

To purchase as an optional extra click on the "Add Camera Magnet" Tab.

Secure Twist Lock Camera & Power Cable Connections

Twist Lock Camera & Power Cables
  7" Digital Wireless Camera Forklift Kit 
• Guaranteed to Have No Wireless Interference.
• The monitor can be viewed in Single or Split display mode.
• Wireless eliminates running cables through machinery.
• Power for Monitor 12DC-32V
• Suitable for 12V Forklifts 
• The equipment is tough and is made specifically for forklifts, telehandlers , and other types of industrial trucks used for lifting. 
Kit Includes
• 1 x R-HDKDWSW7V High Quality Waterproof 7" AHD TFT LCD Digital Wireless Monitor 
• 1 x R-HDFL81 Forklift Wireless 720p 1/4inch CMOS HM1246 High Resolution Camera
• 1 x R-KDW12VPP17 DC12V Mobile Power 
• 1 x Forklift Antenna
• 1 x Extention Antenna (For Either Camera)
• Electrical Connecting Cables
• U-Support Bracket (other bracket styles are suitable too)
• Manual
• Two Year Warranty
 2.4GHz Digital wireless Vehicle Backup Camera System



Monitor Power 12V ~ 32V

The power supply needs to be constant and a minimum of 12V

Monitor Dimensions

AHD 7" Digital Wireless Waterproof Monitor (HDKDWSW7V)
• High resolution display TFT LCD monitor with wide angle view
• LCD size: 7-inch
• Transmitting Distance: 100 M
• Support 4 HD wireless cameras dual split screen or single viewing
• Full-Function Remote Control 
• Auto pairing: Camera will pair automatically when it is powered
• Automatic backlighting and light control
• Power requirement: 12~32V
• Reverse trigger automatic if trigger wire is connected.
• Picture image adjustable for Horizontal/Vertical/Mirror/Normal viewing
• Resolution: 1024 x 600
• Contrast: 800:1
• Brightness: 600 cd/m²
• Viewing Angle: U: 70 / D: 75, R/L: 75
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Channel: 4 channels split dual screen or single viewing
• Operating Frequency: 2412 - 2467 MHz
• Receiving Sensitivity: -85 dBm
• Decompression Format: H.264
• Modulation: DSSS
• Time Delay: 200ms
• Power Consumption: Max. 8W
• System Format: PAL
• Loudspeaker: 1.5W/8Ω
• Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃, RH 90%
• Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃, RH 90%

2.4G Digital Wireless Forklift Camera 

HD Digital Wireless Forklift Camera


Digital Wireless Camera (R-HDFL81)
• 720P
• Viewing Angle: 45°
• Waterproof: IP69K
• Nightvision Distance 1-3m
• Free Operating Voltage: DC12 Volts
• Anti-Vibration: ISO 16750-3 (Max. 17.5-3G)
• Magnetic Housing for Easy Installation
• Antenna 3cm
• Image Type: 1/4 inch CMOS HM1246
• Effective Pixels: 3.0umx3.0um
• Scanning System: Progressive Scanning
• Sync. System: Internal
• Video Output: 8 bits YUV
• Gamma Consumption: 0.45
• S/N Ratio: S/N(a-weighted) 101.6dB
• White Balance: Auto
• BLC: Auto
• Operation Frequency: 2401MHz ~ 2483MHz (13 channels) 
• Transmision Distance (Barrier Free): 300m
• Receiving Sensititvity: -89dBm
• Video Codec: H2.64, Frame Rate: 25/30fps
• Transmission Power: 18dBm
• Spread Spectrum: DSSS
• Delay: 200ms
• VRF Bit Rate: 12Mbps
• Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C, RH95%MAX.
• Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 80°C, RH95%MAX.
• Minimum Illunmination: 0Lux
• Audio: No
• Weight : 300g
• Two Year Warranty

 Dimensions Forklift  Digital Wireless Camera Forklift

 Camera Cable Interface Definition

Digital Wireless Camera Cable Interface Definition

DC12V Mobile Power Magentic Base Mount

  * Approx. 17.25 hours of power with No IR Usuage to operate one digital wireless camera before recharging is required. Approx. 9 Hours with no External Light.
DC12V Mobile Power (KDWS12VPP17)
Fast Charge
On and Off Button
Low Standby Power Consumption 
Charging Capacity Indicator Light 
Discharging Capacity Indicator Light 
Over Charge Protection 
• Over Discharge Protection  
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection  
Temperature Protection 
Load Detection
Strong Magnetic Base Mount
UPS Power Charging 
• Power Pack Charging  
• Type Batteries:Li-ion batteries (Panasonic original import)  
• Capacity:10050mAh/3.6V
• Charging Voltage:5D~24V
• Discharging Voltage: 9.5~12.6V (10.8V)
• Discharging times:17.5H (160mA~180mA12V)
• Charge / Discharge Interface:DC2.1 * 5.5 male
• Shockproof Level:5.9G
• Waterproof Level:IP69K
• Charging Working Temperature: -10℃ to + 45℃
• Discharge Working Temperature:-20℃ to + 60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
• Dimensions (mm):100.5mmX64.5mmx40.7mm
• Weight (g):300g 
• One Year Warranty


 Battery Pack To Power a Camera


To protect the battery from damage before storing it for long period of time charge the battery to 75% and charge it again within 4 months. After storage charging the battery may take longer than ususal to fully charge,  however this will right it self after the first charge.


Camera operates on a battery


Magnetic Base Easy Install For NAS Cameras Which With U-Support Brackets
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