Types of Cameras


Turret Cameras

 Dahua Turret Camera


These cameras are the most common camera that you will see installed.

Turret Cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor use as they are a neat and generally a small form fator.

A Turret Camera will generally illuminate up to 30 metres, be it IR (Night Vision) or White LEDs for a colour image at night.

A number of Turret cameras also include a Built-in Microphone making them perfect when audio is required (e.g. at a homes front door or over a till in a business).


Bullet Cameras

 Hikvision Bullet Camera


Bullet cameras are generally a bit bigger than most other camera styles. However they do offer a better range of vision improvments such as more optical zoom (Vari-Focal Lens) and can offer longer range IR LEDs up to 120 metres.

This makes them ideal for when needing to observe a far away area, where getting cables to the location may not be practical (e.g. property entrances, sheds and fuel tanks).


Dome Cameras

 Hikvision Dome Camera

 Dahua Mini Dome

Dome cameras are similar to Turret Cameras as they are a neat and generally a smaller size.

As per the name a Dome Camera has a dome covering the camera. This can make them harder for people to vandalise (spray paint) as the dome can be wiped clean.


PTZ Cameras



PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras offer the most versatility. As they can Pan (turn the camera hotizontally), Tilt (turn the camera up and down) and Zoom (Optical zoom). This will allow you to see practically anything that is within site of the camera.

A PTZ camera can be setup to carry out a patrol, where as the camera will move (pan, tilt and even zooming) along a programmed path or between locations.

These are generally the largest of all cameras. Due to the additional motors that will allow them to turn and tilt the camera. The cameras are also heavier and do require a solid mounting location (pole or wall).

PTZ cameras generally do cost a lot more than the other camera styles mentioned above. For the cost of one PTZ camera you can get multiple Turret, Bullet or Dome cameras that will cover the same area a PTZ camera can patrol.


AI Camera

AI Cameras have additional functionality that allows for the camera to better identify people and/or vehicles, with higher degree of accuracy than older systems. This is extremely helpful when wanting to minimise the amount of recording that the CCTV system will do, by being able to reduce recording of unwanted motion such as animal, tree and insect movement. If required, an Intrusion area or Line can be set on the cameras to allow the system to send alerts via email or phone app of people/vehicles entering or moving around within a property or area at specified times.

Most IP cameras will have some form of AI functionality to identify people/vehicles. As well as being able to simply identify people the more advanced cameras can also count people entering/exiting a property or area and can generate reports via an accompanying mobile app, computer software or even email a daily, weekly or monthly report. Further to this, some cameras can even monitor a specified area and identify how many people are actively within this area. This can be helpfully if wanting to identify high traffic areas or be notifying of a sudden influx of people into a businesses premises.

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