Alarm Response

NAS Security's Alarm Response services are provided and coordinated through our monitoring station.  Our response team also responds to alarm activations of other monitoring stations clientele and for the clients of other alarm installers.  The service operates 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our existing clientele include; 

  • State Government Institutions 
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions 
  • Retail, Business & Industrial Properties 
  • Hospital and Tourism Properties 
  • Residential Properties 
  • Health and Aged Care facilities

Our security alarm response services are tailored to meet your needs.  NAS Security can be called first to respond to your alarm activation or they can be second on the list to call if you are unable to respond yourself.

The security guard will contact you or your key holders if they find a security breach and they will contact the police, fire brigade,  glass repairer or any other emergency contact that is warranted.

If you require further information on our alarm repsonse service please phone or email us.

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