Security Night Patrols

Night Patrols are a cost effective way of providing a radom security presence at your premises helping to deterring criminal activity. NAS Security has been securing premises in the South-West region for over twenty-nine years.

NAS Security's night patrol service operates seven nights week, 365 day of the year providing security patrols for homes, businesses and resorts in the Busselton and Dunsborough areas.

Night patrols can be carried out at whatever time and frequency you require. Some clients elect to have one patrol a night where another client may have five partrols a night. It is entirely up to you. Some clients only have security patrols on their homes whilst away on holidays.

We can provide a service that will suit YOUR requirements.

 Patrol Car

Staff Escorts

NAS Security provides staff escorts for staff who are finishing work late at night. The patrols offices can also assist in a lockup patrol and then escort staff to their cars. The escorts provide reassurance to staff that they are save and secure.


NAS security currently provides lockup patrols whereby the business has closed for the night and the security officers ensure that the the premises is fully locked and secured for the night.

Logging System

NAS Security's night patrol service is unique because of the use of an electronic logging system to record each and every patrol carried out by our patrol guards. Small logging buttons the size of a watch battery are placed throughout your premises. The security guards log each button each and every time a patrol is conducted and the date and time are stored in the logger. This information is down loaded and a report is generated and sent with the account .

The major benefits of the logging system is you the client are able to verify that the patrols have been done at your premises as per your request. The patrol guards have to get out of the patrol vehicle and check each site location every patrol. The logging system does not allow for corners to be cut. If your premises has been broken into or vandalised in some way the logging system will give the police a more accurate time frame that the incident occurred.