Crime Prevention

NAS Security recommends that the following safety measures become part of your daily routine to protect your home, family and personal belongings. 

    • Fit windows with security locks and install an electronic security alarm system.

    • Place lengths of dowel in window tracks if security locks are not an option.

    • Install external sensor lighting over entry points and cars.

    • Lock sheds and garages with padlocks and keep them closed at all times.

    • Install security locks to the windows of sheds or use dowel in the window tracks.

    • Lock your letter box with a padlock.

    • If you are going away have someone collect your mail and stop the delivery of the newspaper.

    • The back door of your house is often more vulnerable than the front door. Install a security screen door and a dead lock on the back door.

    • Lock backyard gates with padlocks if you are going away.

  • Identify who is at the door before opening. Install a strong security chain or a door viewer to the front door.  Install a security screen door.
    • Install dead locks to all external doors including connecting doors into the garage and house.

    • Remove garden that is close to the house that would conceal a burglar.

    • Do not enter your home if you can see it has been broken into. Phone the police and wait. Never confront an intruder just take a description for the police.

  • Keep a photograph of valuables, a written record of serial numbers and engrave your licence number on all valuable property.
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